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The Difference between TimesNewRoman and CourierNew –What a waste!
Do you know? Lots of translation agencies use CourierNew. Do you have any idea the consequence of this? The consequence is that the result pages will be more than they should be. It is clearly seen when the texts translated are plenty. The difference can reach up to tens or even hundreds of. As a matter of fact, the most common font used in writing is TimesNewRoman. In our Translation Agency, we use TimesNewRoman so that you will not spend more than you actually have to pay. If you are not yet sure about this, do the followings:
1. Open any MsWord file consisting of tens or hundreds of pages.
2. Change the font (from TimesNewRoman 12) into CourierNew 12.
3. Look at the extra pages! They are significantly plenty, aren’t they? What if the extra pages are multiplied with the money you should pay for each page? That will cost much more, won’t it?
If you want to make a survey on price difference, ask any agency what kind of font used for the translation result. If the agency does not inform you what font they use or they do not give you the answer for this or they inform you that they use CourierNew, then be ready to pay more than you should for the translation result if you insist on hiring the agency. Well in our translation service, we use TimesNewRoman 12 or maximally Arial 12.

Contact : +6287-877-173654

How to hand over your source texts to us?
Please send the source texts in .doc .text .pdf to this email address:
with the email subject: Translation
To make us prompt to a delivery, please confirm your delivery by SMS to our cell phone number (+6287877173654)
After we finish translating, we will send you a bill (invoice) to your email.
Payment is by Bank Transfer : Here is the bank to transfer
Bank Account Number 125-00-0600181-2
Att: Choliludin
Translation completion depends on the amount of pages translated.
Paper size used:
TimesNewRoman 12 or Arial 12
Format : MS-Word
Size : Letter (MsWord Default)
We produce reliable results by experienced and expert in the field. One of our translators’ work on translation theory and practice has been one of our neighboring countries’ library collections. It is a book on translation theory and practice which is published by Kesaint Blanc . You can check the availability of the book in the library here and here.
Translation Coverage Fields
Legal Documents
Technical Documents
Financial/Business Documents
Medical/Pharmaceutical Documents

Common documents for translation include:
Birth Certificate
Certificate/Diploma and Academic Transcripts
Death Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Intellectual property and patents
Witness statements
Foreign legal texts
Legal marketing
Litigation documents
Annual reports
Expert reports
Arbitration documents.
Technical and Scientific
Subject documents include:
Engineering (civil, marine, mechanical, electrical)
Medical (equipment, hardware)
Science and physics
Documents include:
White papers
Technical Product Manuals
Feasibility studies
Government regulations
Training materials
Proposals and bids.
Some of the documents for translation include:
Annual and monthly Reports
Bond And Equity Research
Corporate Minutes
Distribution And Underwriting Agreements
Financial Statements
Futures Contracts
Initial Public Offerings
Insurance Policies And Claims
Investment Proposals
Investor Updates
Litigation Mergers and Acquisitions
Public Relations
Shareholders’ Agreements
Distribution Agreements
Lease Agreements
Distributorship Agreements
Financial Accounting (US GAAP, IAS, HGB).
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Medical and pharmaceutical translations are provided for:
Medical records
Clinical reports and studies
Lab tests
Medical Certificates, Course Syllabi
Hospital Papers (e.g., for insurance claims)
Medical software User’s Guide
Product licensing and patents
Registration documents
Expert reports
Patient information leaflets
Pharmaceutical and clinical trials
Consent forms
Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs)
Technical Leaflets (TLs)
Vial and carton labels
Product Information Leaflets (PILs)
Validation protocols and plans
Drug approval documents.


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